Adding Moisture: Natural Hair


Natural hair tends to dry easily and it is necessary for us to work on a consistent basis to keep our hair moisturized.

If your hair is not moisturized, you have increased risk of shedding and breakage. I have picked my top favorites that you can use with your at home care to help you to combat dryness and shedding. Have you tried any of these products? If so what were your experiences?

If you are participating in the #90dayhairgrowthchallenge, I recommend that you are on a consistent schedule for moisturizing your hair.

Develop a routine that works for you and your schedule.

Try to follow it as your hair will become trained.




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Some products your should consider as well  are the following:

The Q-Redew –Handheld steamer offers great benefits (currently the official site has a contest to win one of these)

 Steam Rollers– easy to utilize by quickly curling while adding and sealing in moisture.

 Plastic CapsThe baggy method

Thermal conditioning capone of my favorites that allow you remain mobile while conditioning your hair. I used this on my children when they were younger instead of the bigger hair dryer.

Hopefully you will give some of these items a try as they will help you at home when caring for your own hair. Remember our goals are #healthyhair. Be patient and learn what works best for your hair. These are only tips and suggestions. All of our hair is different, but we can learn and grow together.


Remember to head over to our group for additional support that includes tips, resources and live support.

Jeremiah 29:11








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