Easter (He Rose That I Might Live )


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Happy Easter…. Many Many years ago, Jesus was wounded for our transgressions. He gave his life that I might Live…. That was “Love” By his stripes I am healed!

I do not take this day lightly. The day that is set aside to recognize how he gave his life. “Resurrection Sunday ”

Today our family was together and we were able to attend church together and for that I am also grateful for that as well… God is Good… He is our source and has made provision for what we need . We just have to trust him and believe.

I have learned that we have to stick with what you know… God has not changed. His word has not changed. The world has changed and is going through a lot of transitions but it is important not to get sidetracked.

Distractions come to try and block purpose, but the word that has been spoken will come to past.

Stay with what you know … Live the Life that God has called you to from the beginning… He has a great plan for your life… He died that you might Live!

Jeremiah 29:11




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