#NaturalHair PerfectCurls

black curls-ella grace

Look no further for the perfect curls

Created just for you by me……In honor of my grandmother

NOW Available “ThePerfectCurls”  by “Ella Grace” 
You will need 3-4 packs.
Shown in my profile picture I used 3 packs. Each pack comes with 20-30 Afro Kinky Curls click on link below…..#crochetbraids
Makes for a great protective style or a custom wig unit.

They are available to purchase from our online store. You will love these curls. They have the look of our natural hair. Very lightweight  and #perfect.

large afro curl medium curl small curl

Make sure you visit our store for all your hair care needs discount price.

Much Love, Nora



Jeremiah 29:11

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What momma never told you about natural hair


Are you Natural, transitioning or considering going back to Natural maybe you are struggling to better know how to take care of children ‘s natural hair… You should check out my newest book “What your  Momma didn’t tell you about Natural Hair “


This book discusses my natural journey, struggles as well as maintenance at home in between stylist appointments.

Wishing you much success on your natural journey and remember this is your journey and patience is the key….

Much Love Nora,

Follow the link below or you may check out at the cart below to place your order… Your purchase supports the #BeYouProject

The project focuses on creating avenues for excellence for young girls and young woman who may have some personal challenges in reaching their life goals…



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100% Natural : Custom Tees

Items sold at The Nuria Natural Hair Show in Little Rock

Items sold at The Nubian Natural Hair Show in Little Rock

Sample Shirt available in all colors Sizes small to XXL

Sample Shirt available in all colors Sizes small to XXL



I am super excited to announce my custom tee’s (Tshirt) are here and ready to be purchased.

You can purchase on line at www.natural411.me or by sending me a message in the comment section.

I am excited about this product as the purpose is to help support my #BeyouProject.

BE Uniquely YOU as God designed from the beginning. Encouraging positive self esteem..

<a href=”http://test.skimlinks.com”>Skimlinks Test</a>

Watch “100% Natural #BeyouProject Join the Cause” on YouTube

Please share and support the cause…

Thank you in advance….When you visit the site there are other products available to inspire and encourage that can be purchased as well..


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