Natural Hair:| How to Taper Cut Your wig|


This is a tutorial on how to cut and shape up your wig to a more tapered cut…

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If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask in the comment section below.


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Ebin New York Products Review for Naturals or Relaxed Hair


This is a sponsored post, but this is my honest review.

If you are natural and look for a great budget friendly product to lay down your edges, I recommend the ebin 24hr edge tamer. We have been using them for months now. My girls and all have 3 different hair types and the products work for us all and we have just about used them all up. We love these products….

Good morning all….

Being 100% ¬†Natural can be a ¬†little way I have offset this experience is by my blog and youtube channel …Since starting to blog and my channel I have begun to receive FREE Products as well as on yesterday my first paid post….if interested in how I do this please inbox me with your questions…I love free stuff and getting boxes in the mail..



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Protective Style: The Mommy Wig



Perfect time for a protective style and I chose the the mommy 2 wig by Model Model Remy Hair.
This is one of the popular styles that can be easily customized to fit your style and personality.

Protective styles are good for protection of your natural hair as well as for those in the process of transitioning their hair or even for those who may be thinking of cutting.

This is a protective style for me.
I purchased at my local beauty supply but I recommend ordering online as you can get it a a more reasonable price.

see link below

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Natural411| Protective Styles|


Natural411|two day old twist-out


The seasons is changing and so are the styles that will work for your natural hair.

It has been a little cooler plus humid along with the days of rain. So I have been considering protective style options.

My favorite go to options are wigs. I feel that wigs are easy and can be changed quickly if I don’t like them. Most times, I will customize my wig to fit my personality and my face. Protective Styles give your hair a break as this can help to achieve your desired hair goals due to low manipulation.

How to cut your lace wig/ Custom Cut

How to Make A Crochet wig

My favorite Lace wig (Irene)

Do you wear protective styles?

What are your favorite protective styles?

Much Love 💖 Nora

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