15 Ways to Take a Break

15 ways to take a Break
15 ways to take a Break

15 ways to take a Break

Happy Friday…..
You have worked all week and now it’s time to take that much needed break. You may say, I am to tired to do anything. I really don’t know what to do because I don’t feel like leaving the house.
This post will give you some ideas on what you can do at home to take or break as well as what you can do if you are looking for outside activities.
The biggest biggest thing that you must do us to remember that it is okay to take a break. Set aside time for you on a regular basis.
” Self Care is Vital to Purpose”
I found this saying ” Selfcare is not selfish, you can not serve from and empty vessel ”

15 Ways to take a break
1. Breathe
2. Listen to music
3. Go to the park
4. Call a Friend
5. Read a good book
6. Watch a good movie
7. Talk a quiet walk
8. Read your Bible or other inspirational material
9. Draw or paint
10. Take a long hot bath
11. Eat a meal in silence
12. Sit outside in nature
13. Take a nap
14. Visit a art gallery
15. Engage in acts of kindness

How do you usually take breaks? Share what usually works best for you.
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