Compassion Fatigue 


Are you in a helping profession or a care giver?

Have you heard of the term Compassion Fatigue ?

Let’s take a good look at what Compassion Fatigue looks like and some options and resources if you are dealing with compassion Fatique.

As a mental health professional and living with a chronic health condition. I have been researching Compassion Fatique and the correlation between the two.



In the early 1990s, Compassion Fatique was first seen in the nursing and health care profession. It was not until many years later that it was looked at in other helping professionals.

Below are some key areas to be focused on when looking to gain better insight into Compassion Fatigue.

Commom Symptoms

1. Anger and irritability

2. Insomnia

3. Low energy

4. Isolation from others

5. Changes in Appetite

6. Frequent Flashbacks

7. Lack of Motivation

8. Guilty Feelings

9. Sadness or Depressive Symptoms

10. Lack of ability to focus/ Concentration

11. Somatic complaints ( stomach aches, headaches)

12. Poor coping

13 .Anxiety ( excessive worry )

14. Feeling Hopeless

15. Unproductive at work

16 . Issues with interpersonal relationships

Although the symptoms are very symptoms to the common mental health diagnosis, Compassion Fatique is not mental illiness.

If you have any of the symptoms above and having difficulty coping feel free to reach out for additional support from a professional or your primary care physician.

Find positive and healthy outlets.

You may also consider signing up for Selfcare programs or I highly recommend subscribing to MYME Box a Subscription Box that is delivered directly to your door or a great gift for a person that you may think is suffering from Compassion Fatigue.

Additional Website resources

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Healing Fibromyalgia| Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group |


As a therapist, I am seeing more of my patients that are dealing with chronic pain, fatigue & Fibromyalgia and many sessions get stuck on how to cope as they are in crisis mode. I have made  a proposal to my clinic on starting this new plan to better serve this population by offering an 8 week intensive program. 

I would like your feedback. Please see below…
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain/FatigueFocus Group

Length: 8 wks 1 hr sessions (Tentatively) may need 1.5 hrs

Background Information

CBT increases patients’ belief in their ability to manage their condition, and it helps them change pessimistic thoughts and negative feelings regarding symptoms like pain, fatigue, and sleep problems. “Through CBT, fibromyalgia patients learn techniques that help them to manage their symptoms better and develop a different attitude towards pain — more of acceptance and less catastrophizing,”
Cognitive Therapy Behavior means thinking about changes that can improve your life. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will never take the place of a solid diagnosis and medication, but it can help you examine your life to identify problem areas where you can exert control.



To provide a supportive learning environment for Individuals to react differently to physical and emotional stress, and identify daily habits that may increase negative responses in the body to elevate pain.

To assist the individual(s) to learn tools to improve his or her overall ability to cope and function better on a daily basis.


Week- 1&2 Introductions – Group Expectations

Week- 2&3 Intro to CBT –The Midfulway to Cope

Week- 3&4 Depression & Anxiety

Week- 5&6 Taking Charge of your Life

Week- 7 Taking charge of your life continued

Week -8 Wrapping up and Evaluation (discussion of support Group to meet 1 @ month for follow)

After reviewing this post, please provide feedback and tell me what you think.

 I would greatly appreciate it…..

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Be YOU’nique Project| Loving the Skin I’m In| Keeler Bryson|


Self esteem is all about how you feel about yourself and what you believe about yourself. Many young ladies struggle with having positive feelings about themselves and this is what ultimately lead them to being involved in negative behaviors  as a means of coping with life and not being comfortable with themselves and who God made them to be. Self esteem can be crippling and prevent you from fulfilling your dreams or just doing everyday activities.

The purpose of the #BeYouProject is to enlighten you about self -esteem issues  and  feature women who are walking in purpose and encourage you to do the same 

God made each of you beautiful.  You are altogether beautiful, my darling;    there is no flaw in you ( Song of Solomon 4:7)

This weeks feature:

*Please read and share with some young person today.




Keeler Bryson is a Teacher, Motivational Conqueror, Author and Entrepreneur. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Management and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. She is the founder and CEO of Teachable Life Moments, LLC and Vision Writers Publishing, LLC. 


Her experience and skill set is very diverse as she’s served in the insurance industry, an Adjunct Managerial Finance Professor, a Trainer for the dfree® (debt-free) program and Real Estate Agent. She’s taught seminars and workshops on topics such as Spiritual Development, Ministry Helps, Youth Empowerment, Marriage and Relationships, Risk Management, etc. She’s a member of the Professional Academy for Healthcare Management and the National Association of Realtors.


In 2013, she authored her first book, Crisis Management: How To Manage Personal Life Crises, which was featured on The Impact Network, where she was able share this book with over 23 million households. In 2014, she authored her second book, Live L-I-V-E!. And in 2015, she co-authored a third book with her husband, Conquering the Humps & Downs of Marriage.

*Available for purchase on Amazon


When in her presence, it’s evident that she is a gifted Live L-I-V-E! Strategist, with a passion to coach, mentor and inspire others to be Overcomers for Purpose.


Keeler is happily married to Grover Bryson for over 20 years. They have two daughters, Whitney and Miracle. 

The Interview 

How do you describe yourself?

I would describe myself using the following words: thinker, wise, optimistic, progressive, surmounter, courageous, giving, edifier, forbearing, outgoing and fair

Discuss your successes in life or something you are very proud of?  

I believe we’re all on a journey to SELF. And it’s a blessing to find your “true” self, because a lot of people never find their authentic selves. And as a result, they’re miserable, bored and don’t know why. When this happens, we risk living a life that’s socially popular, instead of the one Divinely planned. We all start off as cocoons so to speak. The intent is to move from the cocoon to the butterfly. The cocoon phase could represent troubles, restriction, rejection, confusion, inauthenticity, dysfunction, negative/unhealthy influences & relationships, peer pressure to conform to the status quo, low self-esteem, untrue stories about our destinies & purpose, etc. Conversely, the butterfly phase would represent a LIFE that has been transformed into Divine Purpose. …a LIFE of fulfillment. …a LIFE of authenticity….a LIFE of freedom…..a LIFE where we start flying and defying the odds and terminating generational curses. It’s important to remember that, how we perform while inside the cocoon, determines whether we take wings and fly into Divine Purpose or just exist. Of all of my successes, the one I’m most proud of is my self-discovery and butterfly transformation, as this discovery launched me into my own authenticity, as well as new territory in the marketplace!

What was the hardest thing that you had to deal with as a young female/ teenager growing up? The hardest thing I had to deal with as a young person was fighting to not be one of the statistics, that’s frequently predicted for young Black girls, that’s raised in a single, female home in the hood. As a young teenager, I had to deal with fighting against being a school dropout, partaking in drugs & alcohol, promiscuity, teen pregnancy, mediocrity, thoughts of hopelessness, suicide, confusion, feelings of loneliness and lowliness. By God’s grace and my strong desire for a successful future, I avoided and/or escaped all of these traps.  


Did you have a lot of friends in school?

I didn’t have a lot of friends in school. I think this was because I was usually going in the opposite direction of my peers. Case and point, I got married 90 days after graduating from high school. This is something most of my peers weren’t even thinking about doing! My mind was always on serious things, such as my future, my goals, marrying a great husband, a great father for my children, the type of house I wanted to live in, how to have success, etc. I didn’t attend very many football/basketball games, prom, school events, etc., and it didn’t bother me to not go. However, I was somewhere reading books, Ebony and JET Magazines that profiled successful Black executives and entrepreneurs. My circle was and continues to be small, as I was somewhat of an introvert at times. I know now that isolation is commonly found among those God is going to use. You’re not strange. You’re specially marked by God for Purpose.
Did you find making friends easy? Please elaborate with your answers  

No. I was mature and very wise for my age which caused me to come across as an old lady. As a result, I was sometimes referred to as “the moma” by my friends. As a result, I believe this sometimes made it difficult to make friends. After all, few teens want to be friends with another young person who acts like they’re their mother. This prevents the so called fun from happening. Additionally, in retrospect, I believe that the maturity and wisdom I possessed as a young girl caused me to be super cautious with whom I became friends with, as I didn’t want to end up going down the wrong road, due to negative influences and peer pressure from unhealthy friendships. Honestly, I always felt more comfortable being around positive and inspiring adults that I could learn something from. This too is a sign of someone who’s marked for Purpose.

How important are relationships with others?

Relationships are very important and I’ve learned that there are three types of relationships: confidants, constituents and colleagues. It’s important to distinguish their differences, so that we manage them accordingly. By doing this, we minimize disappointments. Each are necessary at certain stages of life, but the most important ones are the confidant type of relationships. Everyone needs at least one confidant relationship. These are people who genuinely love you, want the best for you, will protect and cover you, still respect you when you get it wrong and who you totally trust with your vulnerabilities. These are people you can be “real” with and they accept you for who you are. Their love and support is never contingent upon you living by their preferences. They will not ask you to do something they know is wrong or not good for you. They always tell you what you need to hear, instead of what your ego wants to hear. Their criticisms are from a place of love and concern, instead of jealousy and hatred.

How important is your relationship with God in your everyday life?

My relationship with God is extremely important as it relates to everyday life! It’s one that’s intimate, not casual. It’s one that I intentionally set aside time for daily. For it is because of God that I Live, Move and have my Being. This relationship enables me to Live through anything, Move to and through anything and Be all the things He designed me to Birth and Be! As a result of this relationship, I have Spiritual Intelligence, when I need answers and understanding. And I have Spiritual Backup when I’m confronted and attacked with turbulent times. This relationship keeps me balanced, strong, joyful, at peace and full of His Spirit, so that I can effectively pour into others. All that I have overcome and become is a result of my relationship with God. I treasure it, highly value it and protect it. Being in a dedicated relationship with God is how we always WIN!


If you had the opportunity to speak to a group of young females/teenagers what would like to say to them?

If I had the opportunity to speak to a group of young females/teenagers, there are 3 things I would say to them. The first thing I would tell them is, don’t make the mistake of making unimportant things important. So many times as young people, there’s this strong desire to associate and partake in that which is popular in the culture. In many cases, these are unhealthy and unimportant things that are distractions and they don’t contribute any real positive impact on your future life/self. In fact, if what you’re thinking about doing is not going to positively impact your future, don’t waste time or energy on it. Distractions are destiny blockers.

Secondly, I would say, get to know yourself and be your authentic self in decisions and in deeds. Because when we don’t know ourselves, we risk becoming and living the life God didn’t design for us. And doing this prevents us from discovering and living the Blessed life God planned for us. Don’t be a Professional Actor of Inauthenticity. It’s a form of lying and God hates lying. Most young people know who Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are….what they like to eat, the lyrics to their songs, what they like/dislike, but don’t know themselves extensively. So learn YOU! Discover your giftings and your value. Discover what you’re passionate about. Discover what your belief system is….not the one that was handed down to you, as some can be toxic, paralyzing and/or limiting. Discover your weaknesses, so you can become better. Discover the things that are tormenting your spirit and preventing you from pursuing your dreams. Once you discover these things about yourself, they will help you to avoid a whole lot of drama and trauma. They will help you to be more assertive with your Yes and No’s. They will help you to be good decision makers, because the decision will be based upon the authentic you and not the “status quo” you. It is imperative that you do this, because when you don’t know yourself, people will tell you who you are and this can sometimes be dangerous. Don’t keep hiding the person God wired you to be. Always love and appreciate yourself by simply being YOU. Who do YOU say that you are?

The third thing I would say is, it may not look like it, you may not feel like it and you may not believe it, but God has placed a Gold Mine inside of YOU! This is saying a whole lot, when you take into account the chemical makeup and value of gold. Your job is to find your gold and multiply it. The way that you find it is by being in a REAL intimate relationship with God, on a daily basis, where you talk to Him, hear Him and obey Him. Also, be OPEN to His non-conventional, illogical, quantum leaping, Supernatural instructions and intervention! Doing this definitely attracts Miracles! And He will show you all the great and wonderful treasure He’s placed inside of you! He will lead you to your wealthy place.  

How did you decide what you wanted to do in life and what had the biggest impact in the decision that you made ( i.e. parents, faith, family , siblings etc….)  

Although my mother did the best she could and I’m appreciative of her sacrifices, I realized early on, that I didn’t want to be in that place all of my life. Growing up in a single, female/parent home came with challenges. These challenges were not all bad though, as they helped me to decide what I wanted to do in life, which was/is to upgrade my life and lifestyle beyond the one I grew up in. I just wanted to be successful. Reading those Ebony and JET Magazines helped me to realize that becoming educated was one way for me to do this, because it would position me to have options, as well as be marketable. The other thing that helped me decide what I wanted to do in life was going with my mom, on occasion, so she could clean or babysit for her well to do Caucasian clients. These visits allowed me to be EXPOSED to an entirely different way of living. It helped me to SEE what was possible for me. To this day, when I think about it, I still feel the energy of the inspiration I felt during those visits. Those visits inspired me, motivated me and activated me to go and pursue what I saw for my life. And from those days to this day, I’ve been possessing what I was exposed to. EXPOSURE is a very powerful thing! And it’s necessary, when moving to a higher state of living, moving and being. If we can’t see it, we can’t have it. What do you SEE for your life?

What would you say was one of the barriers to accomplishing your goals in life?  

The barriers to accomplishing my goals have been dealing with trials and tribulation, while in pursuit of my goals. It’s both no secret and it’s normal to be confronted with opposing forces, when trying to elevate higher. I often describe it as a rocket ship ascending upwardly into outer space. The spaceship has the fire, fuel and power to ascend, but not without having to deal with the gravitational pull. And so it is when trying to accomplish goals! We will be tested. We will have to deal with unexpected problems, setbacks and losses. We will feel frustrated, embarrassed, overwhelmed and powerless. We will feel like maybe the goal is not meant to be. And yes, there will be moments when we even feel like quitting! But we can’t surrender, because God and our future is counting on us to prevail! One thing I’ve learned is that every goal, dream and destiny has a price that has to be paid, prior to its manifestation. And this price never goes on sale, just because we’re broke, having problems, setbacks or feeling embarrassed, overwhelmed and powerless. After all, if we really Believe in what we’re trying to accomplish and want it bad enough, we will do what it takes to achieve it! While in pursuit of accomplishing my goals, I’ve experienced opposing forces, unexpected problems, setbacks and losses. I’ve been barren, bankrupt, foreclosed upon, felt fatherless, motherless, frustrated, embarrassed, misunderstood, imprisoned, overwhelmed and powerless. But in the end, I recovered ALL! In the end I birthed degrees, businesses, books, programs, products, new streams of income and an elevated mindset. I didn’t realize all that was inside of me, but God did. Trouble brought me to my destiny territory! The purpose of your trouble is to do the same. Each time you overcome trouble, you’re then anointed to deliver others in that area. I now understand and realize that I/we can truly and comfortably trust God in times of trouble! I now understand and KNOW that trouble really can’t do anything with the Power that’s within me/us! I’ve been trained to transform trouble into triumph and produce a testimony that brings Glory to God! This is what the Scripture meant when it says, “We’re fearfully and wonderfully made!” We’re so Wonderfully made, until trouble can’t do anything with us, unless we surrender to it. I’m so grateful to KNOW the reality of this!  

In closing, to the young girls who are reading these words, YOU already have what it takes to live, move and be successful! God didn’t send us to Earth inadequately equipped. A happy, healthy and Holy life awaits your arrival! I’m a tried and true witness that you can accomplish great things, in the face of obstacles, when in partnership with God! So go YOUR LIFE!  

To Nora Ayers, THANK YOU for considering me for this project! I pray that my contribution is a Blessing to your audience.

If anyone would like to share feedback or connect with me, I can be reached at, on Facebook at, Keeler Bryson, Teachable Life Moments and on Twitter at, KeelerSavant. Don’t forget that it is absolutely imperative that we Live L-I-V-E!


Special thanks to Keeler for being transparent and being a part of this project.  It is my desire to help someone today to reach their fullest potential. #liveinpurpose. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from being who God called and designed you to be.

Much love Nora,

* To be featured, feel free to contact me @

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