Live richer challenge |4 plans to save|


This is not a post of New years resolution.but a post on lifestyle changes.

I am determined to be better in all areas of my life as well as help others to do the same.

This post specifically deals with showing 4 savings plan to help with saving money to change our lives for the greater. Some may be interested in saving for a particular purpose , a trip, a car note, or even a down payment for a home purchase even a rainy day.

If you are interested in taking the challenge here are  the plans that I can will be best depending on your purpose the amount you are committed to saving.

It will most definitely take commitment and sacrifice but so well worth it in the end.

Are you all in…

Keep me posted on your progress as I do the same.


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Motherhood Series:|Cherished Moments|


“A Mother’s Love ” Photo Credit:Nora Ayers Photography (Model: Charraun Sharlow & Daughter Alanah, April 2012)

Being a mother is one of the best gifts that one can receive.  There are so many women that struggle with medical issues of infertility that prevent them from ever being a mother.    Once you become a mother there are moments that you cherish and never forget. Your children probably wonder;   “Mom how do you remember that   ”or they may say,” mom please do not tell anyone that story.”
Reflect with me – awesome and cherished moments
1.      The moment when you first laid your eyes on your new baby
2.      The moment when you heard their first cry
3.      The moment when ate there first solid food
4.      The moment they said mama/dada
5.      The moment when they take their first steps
6.      The moment that they made you cry because you realized that they are no longer your “lil baby”
7.      The moment you realized that what you wanted no longer mattered, “LOL”
8.      The moment you realized your life would never be the same again…
9.      The moment when they go to kindergarten
10.     The moment of their first graduation…..

And the list goes on and on……. Cherish the moment because times goes by really fast and you have a lot to do as a parent in such a small amount of time.  As you look back at pictures and moments….you often wonder where does the time go?

Just a few thoughts to get you thinking about your cherish moments and remind you to put yourself in your mother’s shoes today.  Now that you are all grown up and gone your way, do not forget about mom.  She changed her life for you and you owe her the best Mother’s Day ever.

Honour thy father and thy mother, as the LORD thy God hath commanded thee; that thy days may be prolonged, and that it may go well with thee, in the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee- Deut. 5:16

How are you planning to celebrate  and  HONOR  your mom for her dedication to you over the years?

Much Love, Nora!!!

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