Wellness Wednesday: 5 tips to financial wellness


Say No to being Broke!


Today is a new opportunity to regroup and take control over your finances. We have to plan to live better for ourselves and our children. If you have having some issues where you seem that you are drowning debt and living paycheck to pay check, here are some tips you can use to jump start your road to financial wellness.

First lets define Financial Wellness: Financial wellness is a balance of the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of money. This combination is necessary to thrive dealings with our finances.

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Financial Wellness

5 Tips Start your Financial Wellness Journey

{information collected from a preview of Dave Ramsey-Financial Peace University Information presented is very vital to living well and being free from financial bondage.}

  1. “Prayer Really Works”
  2. Save Money- A $1000
  3. Stop Borrowing Money
  4. Sell Something-Get your life Back (Get rid of old stuff)
  5. Get a Part Time job

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Key Points to remember

Do not worry and become overwhelmed.

Take baby steps and pay off everything.

During this time use the #snowball effect. Focus on the smaller debts first and them move on to the others.

(smallest to largest) and watch your capitol grow.

Behavior Modification

Join an Accountability Group to help you with support and encouragement.

In the words of Dave Ramsey, ” You work too hard to be broke!”

Much Love Nora

Jeremiah 29:11 {Hope & A Future}

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