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When season change, we have to also modify how we care for our natural hair. The winter time is an optimal time to see a low of growth due to the need for less manipulation and the use of protective styling which will be addressed later in the article.

Less frequent washing: I most wash my hair weekly in the summer and spring which usually works best for me. I mostly cowash with Tresseme Flawless curls conditioner after a apple cider vinegar rinse. Now that it is cooler it is not necessary to walk weekly so I can make it 10 days to 14 days.

Scalp Nourishment : Don’t only focus on your hair. To keep down on dryness in the scalp by adding a daily treatment…I use coconut oil or castor oil.
Moisturized Daily: I have learned that you have to moisturize daily  to keep your hair from being dry I usually do my moisturizing at night and once my hair is semi dry, I cover it with a silk scarf. I do use a home made moisturizer. My hair feels soft and moist the next day.

Seal with a heavy cream: I also seal my ends with a home-made Shea butter cream or some I previously purchased from different brand. You have to find what works best for your hair.
 Deep Condition: To help with moisture retention, it is advisable to do regular deep conditioning treatment especially during the colder months. I try to deep condition one time a month 
Protective Styles: In the past winter seasons, I wore double strand twists all the time. This time around, my choice of style are crochet braids and wigs. Protective styles help you retain moisture and keep your hair length. They also prevent hair damage as you would not be over-manipulating your hair so much. Protective styles come in different forms, including wearing wigs, braids or weave installs and hats. I do wear scarves and hats a lot during the winter. The only time that my hair is seen in public is when I am going to church or an event.

Trims: What better time to get rid of those raggedy ends than the winter time? It ‘s cold, and you are either wearing a protective style or some hat , so why not just go ahead and cut off those unhealthy ends. This is the best time to do it.

In closing, make sure you find out what works best for your hair and do what you can to take care of your hair take care of your hair year round especially in the winter. How do you take care of your hair? What about you? Do you have any winter hair care tips that you can share with us?

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