The Best Turmeric & Ginger


Recently I began to struggle more in my health, so I have decided to pay closer attention to my diet.

I have added several new  key ingredients that I have found to have very great benefits to decreasing inflammation as well as helping to relax and provide energy. I was also told at  my most recent visit that I was once a again vitamin D deficient.  I am currently on the highest dosage of vitamin D taking one time per week.

This new recipe that I would like to share.

Turmeric Energy Boost

1 knot of fresh ginger root (peeled)

1/4 cup of lemon

1/2 teaspoon of honey

1/4 teaspoon of ginger (I used one capsule-recommended daily dosage)

1 cup of 100% white grape juice ( original recipe called for coconut water)

add some ice cubes

Blend all ingredients together and drink….Enjoy

makes one serving.



Ginger and Turmeric


Much Love, Nora

*disclaimer: Follow up with your doctor as these are recommendations for coping with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions naturally

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Healing Fibromyalgia| Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group |


As a therapist, I am seeing more of my patients that are dealing with chronic pain, fatigue & Fibromyalgia and many sessions get stuck on how to cope as they are in crisis mode. I have made  a proposal to my clinic on starting this new plan to better serve this population by offering an 8 week intensive program. 

I would like your feedback. Please see below…
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain/FatigueFocus Group

Length: 8 wks 1 hr sessions (Tentatively) may need 1.5 hrs

Background Information

CBT increases patients’ belief in their ability to manage their condition, and it helps them change pessimistic thoughts and negative feelings regarding symptoms like pain, fatigue, and sleep problems. “Through CBT, fibromyalgia patients learn techniques that help them to manage their symptoms better and develop a different attitude towards pain — more of acceptance and less catastrophizing,”
Cognitive Therapy Behavior means thinking about changes that can improve your life. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will never take the place of a solid diagnosis and medication, but it can help you examine your life to identify problem areas where you can exert control.



To provide a supportive learning environment for Individuals to react differently to physical and emotional stress, and identify daily habits that may increase negative responses in the body to elevate pain.

To assist the individual(s) to learn tools to improve his or her overall ability to cope and function better on a daily basis.


Week- 1&2 Introductions – Group Expectations

Week- 2&3 Intro to CBT –The Midfulway to Cope

Week- 3&4 Depression & Anxiety

Week- 5&6 Taking Charge of your Life

Week- 7 Taking charge of your life continued

Week -8 Wrapping up and Evaluation (discussion of support Group to meet 1 @ month for follow)

After reviewing this post, please provide feedback and tell me what you think.

 I would greatly appreciate it…..

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Fountain of Youth| Smoothie Recipes |


Recipe of the Day

50% Spinach

1/2 Avocado 

1 medium nectarine

1/2 cup blueberries 

10 walnut halves

Add water to Full line and blend/extract 


Eat to Live not Live to Eat..

Recipes good for eating clean& healing Fibromyalgia

Much Love, Nora


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