#NaturalHair PerfectCurls

black curls-ella grace

Look no further for the perfect curls

Created just for you by me……In honor of my grandmother

NOW Available “ThePerfectCurls”  by “Ella Grace” 
You will need 3-4 packs.
Shown in my profile picture I used 3 packs. Each pack comes with 20-30 Afro Kinky Curls click on link below…..#crochetbraids
Makes for a great protective style or a custom wig unit.

They are available to purchase from our online store. You will love these curls. They have the look of our natural hair. Very lightweight  and #perfect.

large afro curl medium curl small curl

Make sure you visit our store for all your hair care needs discount price.

Much Love, Nora



Jeremiah 29:11

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Adding Moisture: Natural Hair


Natural hair tends to dry easily and it is necessary for us to work on a consistent basis to keep our hair moisturized.

If your hair is not moisturized, you have increased risk of shedding and breakage. I have picked my top favorites that you can use with your at home care to help you to combat dryness and shedding. Have you tried any of these products? If so what were your experiences?

If you are participating in the #90dayhairgrowthchallenge, I recommend that you are on a consistent schedule for moisturizing your hair.

Develop a routine that works for you and your schedule.

Try to follow it as your hair will become trained.




images-now castor oil

images-she grow images-shea moisture images-sheamoisture2

Some products your should consider as well  are the following:

The Q-Redew –Handheld steamer offers great benefits (currently the official site has a contest to win one of these)

 Steam Rollers– easy to utilize by quickly curling while adding and sealing in moisture.

 Plastic CapsThe baggy method

Thermal conditioning capone of my favorites that allow you remain mobile while conditioning your hair. I used this on my children when they were younger instead of the bigger hair dryer.

Hopefully you will give some of these items a try as they will help you at home when caring for your own hair. Remember our goals are #healthyhair. Be patient and learn what works best for your hair. These are only tips and suggestions. All of our hair is different, but we can learn and grow together.


Remember to head over to our group for additional support that includes tips, resources and live support.

Jeremiah 29:11








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#90Dayhairgrowthchallenge – Protective Styles

protective styles 90 day

So you have decided to join the #90dayhairgrowth challenge. Welcome to the challenge. The challenge is not supposed to be stressful but fun and exciting.

protective styles 90 day


Objectives of the Challenge

  • to get to know your hair better
  • to achieve the optimal growth
  • to let your natural hair rest with less manipulation as possible
  • to develop better hair care routines
  • to have fun
  •  develop a closer relationship with yourself and self love “embrace your natural beauty”

In this post, we will discuss protective styling. Participants in the challenge are encouraged to wear protective styles for the next 90 days. So you may ask what is a protective style?

Protective style is any hair configuration that keeps the ends of your hair tucked away.”  These hairstyles requires little daily upkeep and assist with keeping your ends moisturized.This is also known to promote hair growth due to the  reduction of manipulation (pulling and tugging on the ends causing shedding)

Protective styles include the following

  1. cornrows
  2. flat twist
  3. updos (pineapple, twisted updos)
  4. braids ( crochet braids,box braids)
  5. twists (Senegalese twists, two strand twists,)
  6. coils
  7. wigs (custom wig,human hair, synthetic )
  8. sewins/weaves/quickweaves
  9. low/high buns
  10. twisted protective styles (individual twists)
  11. soft curls (twisted partially with bangs)
  12. faux locs
  13. cornrow bun
  14. goddess braids (updo or flat)
  15. side bags with undercut (bangs made with twists)
  16. side twist protective style
  17. braids with curls
  18. protective french braids
  19. multiple buns
  20. bun w/thin twists
  21. head wraps
  22. updo and coiffed (pin and tucked)
  23. perm rod sets (curlie curls)
  24. faux bun
  25. pulled back twists

Benefits of Protective Styling

  1.  Creativity & Stylish Looks
  2. Length retention
  3. Protection of the Ends
  4. Maintaining moisture (struggling with Mositure click here to get the oils that you need)
  5. Ability to try new looks

One very Easy Protective Style for me are Crochet Braids… see a clip from a one month update. (Installed by Me)

When selecting a protective style:  looks for styles that are easy for you as you may not like what looked good on another naturalista.  You may have to change it up quickly. For the 90 day challenge, it is recommended that you change up your protective style every two weeks so that you will be able to wash and deep conditioning and massaging  your scalp. Most of all be creative and find styles that fit your personality. Natural hair is so versatile.

Be Inspired….Embrace your Natural Beauty……..

My other go to quick style is the Faux Bun …..the easiest style ever….

*if interested in ordering a custom wig email at modestnatural411@gmail.com

Hopefully these tips will help you out during your natural journey and during the #90dayhairgrowth challenge. Please make sure that you have subscribe as they well be updates tips and opportunities to win free products throughout the challenge. Maker sure you have also joined our group on facebook http://https://www.facebook.com/groups/1804019509828878/?ref=bookmarks.

Happy Growing ……#healthyhairgoals…….Don’t forget to post your pre-challenge pictures in the group for an entry in this month’s giveaway.

For more tips and information on my natural journey Grab your copy of my book “What your Momma Never Told You About Natural Hair”

Make sure you are drinking lots of water and eating properly during the challenge. Share the challenge with friend as you can encourage each other.


Much Love Nora…..

 Donations and purchases made through this website  go to the “BEYOUProject” as we endeavor to help young girls to have positive self-esteem and it helps to keep information presented here coming to you on a regular basis. We thank you in advance for your support and prayers. 


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90 Day Hair Growth Challenge



Last month we just completed our first #90dayhairgrowthchallenge and with such great success and positive feedback were are starting up again

with over 200 participants we are super excited to it all over again.

Welcome to the 90 day hair growth challenge….See information below for the details…..Happy Growing.!


We are inviting you to join in the fun. Feel free to share with your family and friends.

We have a few rules and information that we feel will beneficial to the success of the challenge.


Commit wearing your hair in a protective style for 90 days.

You are encouraged to change up your still every 3-4 wks. 

  • No heat is allowed during the challenge.
  • No “loose” hairstyles.
  •  sleep with as satin pillow case or bonnet every night
  • Oil and moisturize your scalp 2-3x a week.
  • massage scalp 10-15 min 2x  per week.  

Protective Styles


* Braided styles

*Crotchet braids

* Up-dos with your ends tucked away

* Twists,Twisted styles, Mini Twists
* Flat twist

*Updos with your ends tucked away
* Wigs

See what others are saying:

see what the participants are saying “Naketa “#postchallenge My hair has definitely grown since starting this challenge. My hair is very healthy & thick. I massage my scalp every other night with oil, wash & deep condition weekly & usually twist it every other night to wear a puff. My hair is growing like crazy & I love it! Wish I would have wore my hair in its natural state sooner.

“Jamila” says #PostChallenge my hair grew a little longer but it’s thicker now than before and I learned it’s better for my hair if leave my protective style up for at least 6 weeks but not longer than 8 bcuz my hair starts to break when it’s up too long without proper shampooing or oils.

“Veronica” says #postchallenge- I’ve learned some protective style tips to use in the future

We are also asking that you click on the link below to grab your copy of the ebook “What your Momma Never Told You About Natural Hair” This a a great resource to help you on your journey to “happy healthy hair”

If you are reading this post and have not joined the facebook group-follow the link and join below.

#90dayhairgrowthchallenge. We hope that you will head over to our Facebook Group and join…


Embrace your natural beauty…..

recommended products

Happy Growing!!!! 10-15-16-01-15-17

What you you will receive

Tips on how to grow your hair



Ideas for Protective Styles

Support and Accountability

Free products/Contest Giveaways

Stay connected to the Natural Community add these events to your calendar





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Friday Feature Natural Hair Custom Tee

loveme custome tee

Flash Sale all custom Tee are 15% off

Order today and Embrace your natural.

Support My business Venture…..Share with your family and friends…..


Here are just a few of the Natural Hair Custom Tees!!!

You may find more custom tees in my online store……https://shop.spreadshirt.com/ModestNatural411/love+me+naturally-A105531149?appearance=164&noCache=true

loveme custome tee

big hair tee


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Natural Hair (#90dayhairgrowthchallenge)




Welcome to the 90dayhairgrowthchallenge. This is going to be fun and exciting. ****This group is an interactive group: a safe place to share and connect with others on the healthy hair journey.****

Do not for get to drop your pre-challenge picture in the group by Sunday for your Entry in this month’s give away.

Please make sure that you check in for updates often to stay on tasks with optimizing the growth and health of your hair during this time.

The challenge dates are 7-15/9-15
We will have monthly give ways and other opportunities for encouragement
along the way.
If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. You may share this challenge with family and friends. ( the quickest way to get a response is with in the group and this also helps the other members)

This challenge is sponsored by F.L.O.W as I am a distributor of F.L.O.W. and we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in the hair grow challenge. We recommend the products but they are not mandatory for participation.

Email: natural411@norayayers.com or nora27scentsy@gmail.com

join our Facebook group for updates and community support.

Happy Growing….. We have selected our First Winner for the month —-” -Congratulations”  Ms. Crystal Williams




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What momma never told you about natural hair


Are you Natural, transitioning or considering going back to Natural maybe you are struggling to better know how to take care of children ‘s natural hair… You should check out my newest book “What your  Momma didn’t tell you about Natural Hair “


This book discusses my natural journey, struggles as well as maintenance at home in between stylist appointments.

Wishing you much success on your natural journey and remember this is your journey and patience is the key….

Much Love Nora,

Follow the link below or you may check out at the cart below to place your order… Your purchase supports the #BeYouProject

The project focuses on creating avenues for excellence for young girls and young woman who may have some personal challenges in reaching their life goals…



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Natural Hair: How I defined my curls ( Best Results Ever)



I am so excited to share this information with you my results from using Aunt Jackies Don’t Shrink Gel. I have 4c hair and struggle with finding products that will hold my hair. I must say that I am very pleased with the results from using the Don’t Shrink Gel. This product gets two thumbs up. This product is made with flaxseed gel and promotes growth as well.

My Hair Today after using products

My Hair Today after using products

I am also including my review of the product. Follow the link below. If you should decide give this product  a try come back and share your thoughts and results. I look forward bot hearing from you soon.

Much Love Nora!!!

Please Subscribe & Share


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100% Natural : Custom Tees

Items sold at The Nuria Natural Hair Show in Little Rock

Items sold at The Nubian Natural Hair Show in Little Rock

Sample Shirt available in all colors Sizes small to XXL

Sample Shirt available in all colors Sizes small to XXL



I am super excited to announce my custom tee’s (Tshirt) are here and ready to be purchased.

You can purchase on line at www.natural411.me or by sending me a message in the comment section.

I am excited about this product as the purpose is to help support my #BeyouProject.

BE Uniquely YOU as God designed from the beginning. Encouraging positive self esteem..

<a href=”http://test.skimlinks.com”>Skimlinks Test</a>

Watch “100% Natural #BeyouProject Join the Cause” on YouTube

Please share and support the cause…

Thank you in advance….When you visit the site there are other products available to inspire and encourage that can be purchased as well..


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Natural Hair:| How to Taper Cut Your wig|


This is a tutorial on how to cut and shape up your wig to a more tapered cut…

Please watch and share.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask in the comment section below.


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