Introducing “MYME” BOX : ME TIME BOX for the Working Woman

Intoducing -MYMEBox- (1)

Do you find yourself always on the move and never really taking time for yourself?

If so this is going to be great for you or a “BusyWoman”  in your life.

When you think of yourself or or the hardworking lady whether she is your wife, mom or sister; this is going to be the perfect surprise for her.

I would like to introduce you to the “MYME” Box.  This Box is the perfect collection of goodies to give as a gift delivered to her doorstep that will encourage her to take time for herself. To celebrate all of her accomplishments for the month.

Self-care is vital in order for her to be able to maintain and to keep moving. Women have so many responsibilities that she at times it may find it  be hard to keep up.  I can personally validate this as I am one of those always busy working woman, ( WORK, CHURCH & FAMILY).





About the Box

Each month a new box will be available if you elect for the monthly subscription or you may choose for the one time gift. No obligation and cancellation at anytime.


What to Expect?

Every Month you can expect a new theme and a Surprise delivered directly to the front door.

In each box you find 5-7 items focused on the MIND, BODY & SOUL(health, wellness, beauty, jewelry, teas, coffee, essential oils)

Special Information:

USE CODE: RENEW16 for 20% off pre-paid Subscriptions

Follow link below to the official “MYME BOX” website.

You can special request orders for your Teens and Girls

Be sure to share share and subscribe…..


Much Love, Nora

*A portion of the proceeds will go towards the support of our community outreach programs that helps the homeless in our community.


Customer pics from Sept.Box

Customer pics from Sept.Box

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10 Tips for Stress Free Parenting

parent zone

parent zone









Parenting 101

Most of us dream of the great day when we become parents not really taking in account all the work and effort that goes in to effective parenting.

Being and effective parent takes a lot of patience and understanding. I am speaking from the perspective of the mother although in a few days it will be father’s day. (Make sure your shower the great Dad/Father that you know with “Lots of Love” on his day) I have been a parent for over 16 years now. I have learned a lot and still have a great deal more to learn. Even being a professional, working as a Licensed Therapist , I am exposed to a lot of different situations. I will say that nothing that I do in my professional compares to my role as a mother and how I deal with my assignment of being a good and loving mom. My professional job has helped to open my eyes on  how to better deal with my own children in regards to parenting and dealing with difficulty situations and subjects.

My biggest desire is to be good parent and to have a good relationship with my children. which are growing up and becoming young ladies. My oldest has landed her first job and the youngest is now in high school.

In this post, I am going to share 10  tips that I feel are beneficial to stress free – parenting.  Your initial response may be that parenting can not be stress- free. At the end of this post, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section.

I would love to hear from you….Please be kind and join in the discussion. You might just help someone.

10 Tips To Stress-Free Parenting

  1. Educate yourself on the stages of child development -all children do not grow and develop the same and it is good to have baseline information in regards to behavior and development
  2.   Accept that your children will make mistakes sometimes. This is just part of being a child.
  3.  Learn to Listen to your children. Good communication is vital to good relationships and lower levels of conflict and stress.
  4. Have a good Sense of Humor. LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH.  This will help you to better respond to situations. Attitude is everything regards to dealing with children. (Pick your battles)
  5. Develop relationship with other parents / seasoned parents as they are good support systems and resources.
  6. Do not Discipline or respond when your are Angry. Count to 10 (or longer) before responding to difficulty situations.
  7. Self-Care– Make sure your set aside time to do something for yourself on a daily basis, i.e reading, exercising, walking or just being quiet
  8. Schedule family time where your are involved in fun structured activities with each other, i.e. arts and crafts, game night,movie night or just talking with each other about ones day.
  9. If it seems to be getting to tough: Seek out outside help. Sometimes the experts(spiritual leaders and or/ mental health professionals) can offer support with non biased insight into the situation for all.
  10. Show love to your children on a regular basis as this develops a good foundation to develop mutual respect for each other. A gentle hug or a loving touch from the parent/caregiver can help to decrease conflict and stress.


Hope these tips are beneficial to you and will encourage your to put forth more effort in living stress free as well as having improved relationship with your children.

Much Love, Nora


Jeremiah 29:11


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Stressed! Tips to Manage Stress….

Keep calm and don't stress

Everyone deals with Anxiety and Stress from time to time.
These tips can help you to better cope.
1. Take a deep Breath
2. Stay away from alcohol and caffeine.
3.Make sure you are getting enough rest.
4.Exercise Daily (even if you can’t go to gym do some type of regimen at home)
5.Eat well balanced meals (fruits and vegetables)
6. Take a time out – walking, reading or just being your quiet place.
7.Stay active, but pace yourself to keep from feeling overwhelmed.

Keep calm and don't stress

Keep calm and don’t stress

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