Spring Fever|Trench Coats|


0d7914d109f3d009585b50ca2fc57301.jpg.cf-1SPRING FEVER…..

Don’t think that just because the season is changing that you have to put your jackets away…

A nice jacket is a great way to layer as well as make a statement.

Bright colors will  be thing for Spring Fashion 2016.

So will the Trench Coat be for Spring Fashion

Make sure you have yours….

Find my wish list items here

    lapel double-breasted plain street vacation work Charming Lapel Breasted Plain Trench-coats
    $46.95  from fashionmia.com
    small lapel plain casual street vacation Plain Stylish 5 Colors Charming Lapel Trench-Coat
    $31.95  from fashionmia.com
    Ericdress Plain Lapel Single-Breasted Vogue Men's Trench Coat
    $36.09  from Eric Dress
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Natural411| Protective Styles|


Natural411|two day old twist-out


The seasons is changing and so are the styles that will work for your natural hair.

It has been a little cooler plus humid along with the days of rain. So I have been considering protective style options.

My favorite go to options are wigs. I feel that wigs are easy and can be changed quickly if I don’t like them. Most times, I will customize my wig to fit my personality and my face. Protective Styles give your hair a break as this can help to achieve your desired hair goals due to low manipulation.

How to cut your lace wig/ Custom Cut

How to Make A Crochet wig

My favorite Lace wig (Irene)

Do you wear protective styles?

What are your favorite protective styles?

Much Love 💖 Nora

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Fashion for Church $6.00 #OOTD


IMG_6486IMG_6485photo 1IMG_6486IMG_20150531_213221

Fashion for Church…..shopping should never break you….You can always find the best and cheapest outfits at your local consignment store or thrift store. I find a lot of great items every time I go. What are your favorite labels? Name brands like Michael Kors to Sharagano & Calvin Klein can be found for very reasonable prices.
Make sure you check out your local thrift store on your next shopping venture and share.

Pictured here
SKIRT : Vintage pleated skirt $3.99
Jacket: Apostrophe old www.sears.com
Tank : Rue 21 $2.99 clearance www.rue21.com
Shoes peep toe heel Black Sam &Libbey www.dsw.com (old purchase)
Jewelry : vintage beads Savers $1.99 50% memorial day member sale
Happy Shopping!!!!
Live, Love , Laugh
🗼💖 Nora

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Fashion: Trends |The Maxi|


Some things never go out of style. They get better with time and a few enhancements… The Maxi skirt is one of them. Growing up Pentecostal, I thought a long Maxi Skirt was the worst thing I could have in my closet. I wore it with pride, but I assure that my Maxi was not looking anything like the ones I see know.

The Maxi skirt is one item you must have in your collection. A Maxi can be dressed up or down, for work or play and most definitely can be worn to church…



Due to the popularity of the Maxi, they can be purchased in your local retail stores like Walmart to your high end stores like Dillard’s and Macy’s

gclid=CjwKEAjwhbCrBRCO7-e7vuXqiT4SJAB2B5u78mpKDsAHaluZiTUZBk3VOGY5SVlcyvAhZZXl6HZxcRoCzqfw_wcB 51ee38ae52676b2508786613661d9106dcfb5facd1bfd3ababc4c174e5a9d45dc68d30f9c72ca998fad5b44549fde935a794f1e043a7f897e4eb598a520c0e127fefa4f00cd82d71b9eaec0fcfda841c3ad6a40285240b55c0d5bb48ff351e0566bddb3098899921b9897bb55f678069ec07e8176d39003bc9a15c0176f0b1ea3b40c8bda0078433f4a1b46c02a2831f5eef61724cdb831f916d444d3f4211581134da5419aa4a47f75e6d8b8d579ce0
(*all Images retrieved from Pinterest)

Engage in the discussion, what are your thoughts, favorites…? Do you have a Maxi? Would you wear a Maxi?

I love the Maxi Skirt although, I am a little short..

Another Link to find your next Maxi Skirt…


Much Love, 💖 Nora

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Spring Essential: Midiskirt


6835ae6da7154416e8c8967565c9724a370a0cab96b880aab4deaefd6a8e094ef3db7bf98b01d45c4a245711e99dcf307933cdb1bdc46e94000f1217787c9674 fa71f86ccb873abc7d55b593e20be3da f956d65ddc3d5456706bb11787ca52ea c55585d48d3deb89832905a790e5f05b c02946f381089930517716ea6426ef65 bb2eb4c72d45ed72a1c64ab320ecf562

Fashion Forward moment. ..

A hot item for Spring is the Midi Skirt.

This skirt is perfect for all body types as Midi Skirt are very flattering.

You will be the topic of discussion in a solid color or print pattern.

*all pictures were retrieved from Pinterest….

Much Love 💜💜, Nora

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Shoes Shoes & More Shoes


371c3dd144b814e2bde837e642ce071b88c609a31c7f9cff14ab76ef08be57878859b3fb4153a5d57221a191cf1deb847585cfb6db79aefcc9ac78f8e5035d0152812f43c9733a6b6d20cd5f862155426de760d3bfcaa31dcfc0b9ea80a24cf3a47d7f21b8d6e664845f23ce68df14a1 f5a5f7903f32db87b560746459a1c046 139232a0d46a6a6cd606c60715888407 429854f3f69d8d56ee82f9c0df727914 10d533eec0a0c069dd7349a2a2c409c4 177dae701bba30c6a267cb47971693ce 103d32f34bddbab6691c656eb0634fd8 853cbd1f4f0e74de5feaf0b987ad7afb efe57d4311d7dd2e9eeafd93e56f4de8 f90c590c6edd0f32d43bd1182124912e 9baae5016ee255f0844e6458ac64faef 0c822e7b2a9d562366949ae54cec0ff7 8baa1bad3e8cff5ed2f47f67c55f10e5 9cfd634e20ed0b6dbf5c47ac632da7f4

Seasons are changing. Almost time to put those boots away!!! Every girl loves nice shoes… Shoes make every outfit. You can have on the best outfit,  but if your shoes are off then your outfit is a mistake. ..

Have you ever noticed that people always look at your hair first then your feet. ..if you have not noticed then, pay attention the next time you come into a room.  You will see that I am not making this up. People are watching everything and they are checking you out….

I love shoes and my favorite shoes due to health conditions are wedges…

What kinds of shoes do you prefer..

HAPPY Wednesday & much 💜💜Nora

*All pictures retrieved from Pinterest.

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