VitaminD: The Sunshine Vitamin


Did you know that are body make 90% of its own Vitamin D?



Well I guess , I am part of the 10%  that does not produce its own Vitamin D as I was told that I was Vitamin D deficient.

So I am on the quest to not have to take any more pills. So I am learning more natural ways to heal my body and get what I need to live a healthier lifestyle.

I have been on a 30 Day Challenge to see if there will be any difference in how I feel with making some changes in my life that include getting up and moving with gym visits, increasing my Vitamin D intake ( which is the primary focus of this post) and drinking more water.

So you are Vitamin D deficient….What do you do now ? Education is the key, in my opinion.

Vitamin D is also known as the Sunshine Vitamin and can be produced with mild exposure or consumed in food or supplements.

Make sure you “Enjoy your Day ” Get out and get some  “Sunshine”

Research shows that 5-10 minutes outside 2-3x per week allows the body to produce sufficient VitaminD, but only has a half life of two weeks. So it’s  necessary to be consistent in order not to be VitaminD deficient…

Vitamin Day has many roles that included the following:

  1. Maintain health of bones & teeth
  2. Support the health of the immune system and nervous system
  3. Regulate insulin levels
  4. Support lung function
  5. Vitamin D is important for the regulation of calcium
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