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New Month…. New Opportunity….. We have made it though the first half of the year. I hope that you are still on this savings journey. Remember this is our accountability group and I am here to help keep you focused and on track with your savings goal for #2016.
I can not wait to hear how far you have come with this journey. Sometimes it may be harder than others but you have to stay focused.


A little can go a long way. BeInspired. BeEncouraged . BeYou.
Tips of the Day
1. Save Loose Change
2. Keep Track of your Spending
3. Never purchase on Impulse
4. Take advantage of discounts and coupons/incentive programs
5. Bring Lunch to work
6. Eat out fewer times per month
7. Shop for food with a list
8. Ask physician to consider generic prescriptions
9. Make monthly payments on time to prevent fees
10. Look for sales at outlet stores and resale shops ( never pay retail)


*If you have not set up automation you should consider this option  as this really does help.

If you have not joine the Savings Group…head over now to Nora 52 Week Challenge and join for more tips and motivation along the way….



Much Love, Nora

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