What Mom Never Told You about Natural Hair…



Many women and little girls would live their Natural Hair if they knew how to better manage and take care of their hair. I can speak for my self. If I knew what I know now about taking care of my hair, I am 99% sure I would have never Relaxed my hair. I feel that my hair would have been much longer and healthier, if I had never relaxed my hair. When I was younger, my have was spongy soft and curled up with the humidity and the thought of rain. During that time, I thought that was a bad thing. 

Just recently, my stylist told me that my hair was much better since I was no longer getting a relaxer or any other chemical processing in my hair. I am pleased with my hair to this point. I get asked pretty regularly about my hair and the products used. I will share the details in a later post and I have mentioned my main 3 products in a previous post. Please feel free to look back on the website for additional information.

This post is to share the information and clarity on our hair

1.You hair will not Grow Long…..with proper care and nurture your hair can grow 

2. Greasing your Scalp is good for moisturizing your hair … Natural hair requires mosisture and water is the key to providing the moisture that you need. Shampoo tends to help with drying out the hair as it removes product build up. You need a daily mosisturizer that is water based.

3. Your hair is Nappy and you can’t do anything with it….. You will be surprised what we have heard about not being able the o style natural hair. There are a great number of styles like my favorite perm rod sets, twists, updos and protective styles.

4. Don’t cut your hair… We should keep our hair trimmed on a regular basis  to help deal with split end. If you are not getting trims regularly then you are putting yourself  at risk for split ends which can cause breakage. My stylist suggest trims every 6-8 weeks. I don’t do every 6-8 weeks but I do get trims on a regular basis and I have seen a major improvement in my hair as far as growth and the overall health of my hair.

5. Relaxed hair is easier to manage than Natural hair…. no matter what you decide about your hair. Your hair needs TLC. You have to be more in tune with your care needs when you are natural than when you are relaxed. If you do not take care of your hair you can deal with hair loss and none of us are ready to deal with hair loss after we work so hard to get it to grow.

What are your hair goals?

 Are you thinking of going natural?

Will you big chop or transition?

Feel free to comment and share…

Much Love, Nora

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0 thoughts on “What Mom Never Told You about Natural Hair…

  1. I remeber hearing a lot of those myths as a chid, and I asked my mom to relax my hair early on even though it was absolutely not needed. I have been natural since high school, and have been heat free for a couple of years now and I couldn’t be happier with my hair. Thanks for sharing the tips!

    • You are so very welcome and I am glad that you stopped by and enjoyed reading ….I am glad to learn how to better care for my hair and I am chemical free and trying to teach my children the same

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